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EBCO’s new prices, available from today, empower eBiking enthusiasts and redefine affordable quality

Warwick, UK – EBCO, the independent eBike manufacturer, is proud to announce the 2024 pricing strategy, with a structure that simplifies the eBike buying experience, ensuring consumers enjoy a straightforward user journey. Leveraging both its industry expertise and a strategic alliance with TVS Motor, EBCO has bridged the gap between premium products and accessibility, embodying its core ethos of making eBiking available to all.

EBCO’s commitment to affordability has always been unwavering. With its 2024 pricing model, the brand reiterates its dedication to delivering quality eBikes that don’t strain your budget. This shift is a permanent testament to EBCO’s belief that high-quality eBikes should be within everyone’s reach.

EBCO’s strategic partnership with TVS Motor has not only pooled their expertise but also amplified their purchasing power. This collaboration has empowered EBCO to streamline production processes, reduce costs, and pass on the resulting savings to their loyal customer base. The result is an eBike range that combines premium quality with affordability, setting a new industry standard.

At the core of EBCO’s brand ethos lies the desire to promote accessibility. EBCO understands that eMobility represents not just an eco-friendly mode of transportation but also a way of life. With the new prices, EBCO invites individuals of all backgrounds to embrace the eBiking experience, reducing barriers and welcoming newcomers to the eBike community.

“The 2024 prices are our commitment to the eBiking community,” emphasised Chris Needs, Head of EBCO. “We are making a bold statement: premium quality and affordability can coexist, and no one should be left behind when it comes to Urban Mobility.”

EBCO condensed its pricing points into three clear categories, making it easier than ever for customers to choose their perfect eBike. The entry-level eBikes, including the highly popular Urban 2 and Street 2 models, are now priced at an enticing £1399. This incredible value ensures that those new to Urban Mobility can start their journey with a high-quality EBCO eBike without a huge investment. For riders seeking a bit more sophistication and enhanced features, the mid-range eBikes, which encompass the Urban 3, Street 3, and Adventure 3, are now available at the competitive price of £1999. And for those who demand nothing but the best, the Urban 5, Street 5, and Adventure 5 models are now priced at just £2399. These premium eBikes are equipped with cutting-edge technology and design, providing an unmatched eMobility experience.

In the evolving landscape of urban mobility, EBCO’s initiative stands as a beacon of change, offering eBiking enthusiasts an exciting opportunity. As Paolo Pezzangora, Head of Marketing at EBCO, put it, “Thanks to our new prices, but also with our new click and collect website, our eBikes are now more accessible than ever. We believe in making urban mobility a choice that aligns with both your passion and your budget.” EBCO’s pioneering approach to affordability without compromise is set to reshape the eBike industry.

Revolutionizing urban mobility: EBCO returns stronger than ever, unveiling an exciting range of e-bikes, enhanced user experience with a refreshed website, and the added convenience of click-and-collect services.

Warwick, UK – After a temporary pause in its operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK e-bike company EBCO is hitting the market again with a fresh new start. This relaunch comes with a new brand, an exciting range of bikes, a revamped website with a convenient click-and-collect option that allows consumers to choose their preferred local bike retailer for pre-delivery and handover, and three new appointments joining the team.

In its 13th year as a dedicated e-bike manufacturer, EBCO introduces its new range of e-bikes designed with function in mind, representing significant improvements in technical features. These features include LG internal batteries optimised for weight distribution and improved handling, user-comfort-centric designs maintaining a traditional look, and a slacker head angle adaptable for any level of rider. Additionally, EBCO has refocused on size split and wheel sizes to accommodate more people with fewer compromises.
With EBCO’s upgraded battery performance, extended riding distance, BAFANG motors, and an eco-friendly approach, all infused with British style and a unique flair, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The company’s new website reflects EBCO’s importance on innovation, comfort, and convenience. The website now features a click-and-collect option, making the process of purchasing bikes easier and more straightforward, delivering to customers’ preferred shops for pickup. The overall design of the website is clean, clear, and user-friendly, allowing customers to find all the information they need about the three ranges of e-bikes: Urban (with well-thought-out function and classic styling), Adventure (go anywhere bikes with a mountain bike DNA) and Street (fun bikes with small sizes, perfect for short hops).

Joining the team recently are experienced individuals who bring innovative skills. Chris Needs has taken on the role of overseeing EBCO UK, while Josh Charteris has become the new Head of Product Development and Procurement. Additionally, Paolo Pezzangora is now responsible for the marketing department. With extensive experience in their respective fields, these appointments add an extra level of dynamism to the EBCO team.

“Here at EBCO, we are thrilled to announce our comeback to the market after the challenges posed by the global pandemic,” said Chris Needs, Head of EBCO UK. “Our new range of bikes represents remarkable improvements on our previous models, and our new appointments boost our team’s experience and skills. We are also excited for our customers to try our new click-and-collect option as we continue to focus on providing convenience and quality services.” EBCO is a UK brand that thrives on a passion for electric bikes and environmentally friendly transportation. The company prides itself on designing bikes that are comfortable, reliable, eco-friendly and of great value. EBCO’s e-bikes are rapidly growing in popularity throughout the UK due to their numerous benefits.